Corporate Housing

In the corporate housing sector it is first and foremost about detection and evacuation: personnel needs to be saved. This is also how government and the fire brigades look at office buildings.

The huge value of the buildings or production facilities is seen as being of lesser importance. But for the company that invested in them, this if often still a factor of considerable importance. It will want to insure its risks and insurers will consequently demand measures that go further than only detection and evacuation. If you should lose your capital goods, such as production equipment, the continuation of your company can actually be in danger.

For company premises larger than 2,500 m2, such as logistics centres where large spaces contribute to efficiency, the fire brigade also demands additional safety measures such as sprinkler systems, for example.

Somati Systems is pleased to help you design the most cost-efficient solution and regularly consults with risk analysts at insurance companies.

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