Culture & Recreation

Fires can also start in museums, theatres, large cinemas, amusement parks, swimming pools and storage depots for art. With culture & recreation, the accent is largely on detection and evacuation. All visitors have to be evacuated within the fire brigade’s 15-minute approach time.

The idea is that everyone has been brought to safety before the fire fighters arrive, so that they can work unhindered. This means that detection and evacuation systems have to be in good order, in the same way as the emergency response team organisation. The fire brigade returns responsibility for buildings to their managers and limits its work to prevention and enforcement.

Art storage is a completely different situation. Here, there are hardly any people but extremely valuable and vulnerable objects have to be protected. No fire may start here and therefore this demands extremely specific detection systems as well as special extinguishing methods. After all, you don’t put up a sprinkler over a Rembrandt!

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