Evacuation, that is what fire safety in the education sector is all about. This starts with a good alarm system. Today’s classrooms are often sound-proofed so well that each classroom needs its own alarm. A lot is also demanded from the systems outside the classrooms.

Educational institutions such as schools and universities are often located in enormous complexes with large open spaces. While the architect chose this set-up for very good reasons, the fire brigade has very good reasons to place restrictions on this. Escape routes, for example, may be no longer than 30 metres because otherwise the smoke would spread too far. Only if special safety measures have been taken, longer routes are allowed. That is why Somati Systems talks with architects and consultants at an early stage to reach solutions that don’t place too many restrictions on the architecture, for example, by using smoke caps that open automatically in the roofs of open spaces. Settling these kinds of issues in the design phase prevents extra costs – and ugly design!

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