Food & Pharma

Fire safety in this sector requires a lot of experience. Not so much because of the fire hazard – there are certainly sectors in which the risks are much higher.
Here, it’s mainly the stringent requirements placed on food safety and the sensitivity of the processes that can make our work seem like a delicate balancing act.

This also applies to the systems used and to the way in which they are installed. For example, in damp or dusty spaces it is not possible to place standard smoke alarms, or even any smoke alarms, because they would set off one alarm after another. In such cases, we apply an aspiration system that sucks air out of the space and checks it outside of the area.

The hygiene regulations in this sector also require an entirely different approach to the installation and maintenance of fire safety systems. In simple terms: in an environment in which everyone is wearing white jackets, mouth and head caps, you can’t step in with your blue overall, set a ladder down and start drilling. Stopping all processes is not an option either. This sector also has its own requirements regarding evacuation. Laboratories are strictly separated from other spaces by access control systems but they also need to be cleared quickly and safely in the event of an emergency. Something you don’t have to explain to us.

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