Infrastructure & Government Services

Traffic control centres for railways and airlines have to be fail-safe. An interruption of services is not an option! Somati Systems takes care of detection and extinguishing systems in these centres’ technical rooms, in which the energy supply, control and emergency batteries are situated. Tunnels also need to be made safe and there too,¬†breakdown of the warning systems is not an option.

Should our systems fail in a tunnel, the tunnel will have to close. For most infrastructure managers, this is not an option; their contract usually includes a penalty clause for systems failure. You can understand that we wouldn’t sign such a contract if we didn’t have every faith in the operational dependability of our systems.

As specialist, Somati Systems is actively involved in research and in the debate amongst professionals regarding the correct extinguishing methods for tunnels. Water mist seems ideal but is costly; sprinklers are cheaper but the water can help spread the inflammable fuels from cars with leaking tanks. Joint research will help us make the right assessment.

Government services also rely on Somati Systems; from the Ministry of Defence to police call centres. Even the fire brigade relies on us for their own fire safety in the fire stations. All of these services are so important that their equipment has to be provided with 200% protection.

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