Museum and Documentation Centre on Holocaust and Human Rights

‘Invisible’ sprinker in a new museum

Next to the Dossin barracks in Mechelen the new Museum and Documentation Centre on Holocaust and Human Rights was built, which opened its doors in December 2012. During World War II, the Dossin barracks served as a transit camp for mainly Belgian Jews and Gypsies, from where they were deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp. Somati Systems equipped the museum with sprinklers at the request of construction group CEI – De Meyer.

In the ceiling

The new museum has 1 underground and five storeys above ground. During construction, in addition to a rwa system (smoke and heat extraction system), sprinklers were installed in the public spaces of the museum. This way the RWA system can be less bulky, for example, the air discharge ducts can be smaller than normal. The sprinklers are activated by heat, when the temperature in the museum reaches 68°C they are activated. At the request of the architect and the contractor, the sprinkler heads are installed invisible.

By installing the sprinkler pipes under the raised floor and the sprinkler heads in the ceiling, the fire safety system is minimal visible and the design of the museum remained unaffected. To CEI – De Meyer this appealing, yet safe solution was an important reason for choosing Somati Systems.