A security system for a condenser

The installations of Fluxys in Zeebrugge are intended for loading and unloading of ships carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG). The natural gas in liquid form temporarily is stored in a buffer in storage tanks, and is then converted by a so-called condenser into a gas. Somati Systems was commissioned to protect the condenser against fire.

Deluge system

The fire protection of the condenser and the pump units had to meet a lot of technical requirements and therefore asked for a very specific and exceptional solution. Somati Systems secured the condenser by means of a deluge system, a system that, after detection of a fire, can make the whole area wet in a short time. At the moment that the fire detection system gives a signal, a large amount of water will spray from all the sprinklers. Five rings containing the sprinklers are attached at different heights around the condenser tank, making them cool the fire quickly. In addition, the adjacent pump units near the condenser are protected by means of two curtains of water of 30 meters each.

Fluxys chose this solution because Somati Systems could deliver much technical information on the system during the tendering stage. In addition, Somati Systems is one of the few companies capable of completing the designing, testing and installing of the systems in the relatively short period of 4 months.