Uitbreiding Noord Natie Terminal met een volledig brandveiligheidsconcept 12

Expansion of Noord Natie Terminals with a full fire safety concept

Noord Natie Terminals (NNT) offers tank storage in various sizes. The volume of the tanks varies from 30 m3 to 8300 m3. The terminal has berths for seagoing and inland vessels. The terminal is connected to the railwal. There are several locations for loading and unloading tankers, tank containers and flexitanks. NNT is also an excellent partner for direct transhipment thanks to its excellent accessibility on the quay. Safety has the highest highest priority at Noord Natie Terminals.

Research has been done on how the foam concentrate can be pumped to the foam mixing systems. Considering the initial investment and the maintenance of the installation, our foam pressure tank system has been chosen. This is a stainless-steel pressure tank where extinguishing gas cylinders are used to push the contents out of the storage tank. Since no pumps or rotating parts are required, this system is very maintenance-friendly.

Tank parks

The storage tanks are equipped with a cooling and foam extinguishing system and the tank pit itself is equipped with a foam extinguishing system. A manifold has been built per tank pit with a concrete roof to protect the installation against heat radiation in case of a fire.

The complete installation can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Ship loading area

In case of a fire in the ship loading area, it is important to cool or extinguish your own installations. Additionally, it is necessary to provide assistance if there is a fire on the ship. To do this, the maximum height of the ship’s deck must be taken into account.

Two monitors have been placed on the quay, each delivering a flow of 6000 lpm and have a throw length of 80 meters. These monitors are remote controlled and can each supply both water and foam.

Management and operation of the extinguishing system

The controller of our extinguishing and detection system is connected to the customer’s process PLC system for monitoring and controlling. All details of the installation were visualized on the operators scada system. All extinguishing systems can be started and stopped on the same scada system. In case of a fire the extinguishing systems can be operated in several places.