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Fluorine-free fire protection and detection for Standic’s new tank terminal

Our customer Standic has built the first phase of a new tank terminal for the storage of chemicals in 2020/2021. Within this project, 79 storage tanks were built including all necessary infrastructure such as a Jetty, truck transfer station and railway freight station.

Somati Systems engineered and built the fire extinguishing systems and the flame and gas detection systems. The current and upcoming EU regulations regarding restrictions on PFAS containing extinguishing foam concentrate were taken into account when designing the fire-fighting foam installations. A fluorine-free extinguishing foam concentrate has been used, which is pumped from one central pressure tank via underground pipes to various manifolds on the site.

It is necessary to be able to cool and to extinguish with foam in the event of a liquid fire at the truck transfer stations. It was a challenge to come up with a qualitative solution. Since we work with fluorine-free extinguishing foam concentrate, it is important to obtain good foaming. In addition, there was no steel structure above the truck transfer stations, so we needed a nozzle that had to be directional and suitable for cooling and extinguishing with foam. For this application, Saval has developed the F3 nozzle where the solution meets all requirements.