Plaatsing blusmonitoren na uitbreiding tankpark

Installation of fire monitors after expansion of the tank park

Our client has a site near Antwerp (Belgium), during an expansion on its site with a number of storage tanks, it was decided, in consultation with the Antwerp fire department, to extend the fire protection of the tank park.

Because the centrally placed storage tanks are difficult to reach for use with the fire trucks, it was investigated which possible solutions are suitable to improve this situation. When determining the suitable solution, the safety of


the fire department personnel and the effectiveness of the solution were taken into account. It was decided to improve the security of the tank park by means of fixed monitors.

Throw firewater monitors

The throw length of fire monitors is mainly determined by the available flow rate and the corresponding operating pressure of the extinguishing water supply system. The throw length increases as the flow rate increases. In this project, a fire water flow rate equal to 3000 lpm at 9 bar delivery pressure was taken into account.

The fire monitors installed by us have a maximum throw of 75m in these conditions. In the design one has to take into account external factors that can negatively influence this throw length. Important factors are for example the presence of headwind or the use of water-foam mixture.

Our solution

It was decided to provide three fire monitors at strategically chosen locations. Two of these fire monitors were provided on a 10m high structure so that they can throw over the storage tanks up to the centrally located storage tanks.

When designing a fire monitor tower, different European standards (Eurocodes) have to be taken into account. This means that strength calculations are carried out taking into account wind load and for example also the reaction force of the fire monitor. Subsequently, the results of these calculations are completed with information that an architect needs to design the foundation of the fire monitor tower.

After proper consultation with the customer’s security department and the drawing up of lifting plans, the towers were safely placed.


At the time of an incident, each storage tank can be reached with at least one fire monitor. The fire department can connect the extinguishing water supply to manifolds and operate the monitors from a safe distance.