FoamTronic is an electronic foam mixing system which very accurately mixes foam concentrate and water, based on the actual firewater demand of the system.  

The foamtronic is designed for high volume foam systems. 

The accurate mixing of foam concentrate and water is achieved by continuous monitoring of the firewater and foam concentrate flows, using electromagnetic flowmeters and real-time adjustment of the concentrate control valve. The accuracy and stability of the system is based on the combination of specially selected components and a unique control system with state-of-the-art logic developed specifically for FoamTronic. The control system records all process values and alarms during operation or test which are available via a user friendly interface.

FoamTronic allows system performance to be regularly tested without mixing foam and water, thus avoiding environmental concerns and depletion of valuable foam stocks.

Foam proportioning systems rely on the accuracy of the percentage mixing ratio of foam concentrate to water, with the FoamTronic technology this accuracy can be controlled to finite levels and will automatically adjust to changes in system demand.

An advantage of the FoamTronic is that there is no pressure loss in the water supply towards the extinguishing systems. The FoamTronic can be installed close to the foam storage or on remote locations where multiple FoamTronic systems can be used on site using a centralized foam storage system.

System capacity

The FoamTronic can be adjusted to match project specific requirements and components will be selected to ensure optimum operation. The system capacity depends on the allowable pressure drop over the flow control valve which is sized to suit each application. Examples of system capacity are indicated for 1% and 3% mixing ratios.

The FoamTronic system up to DN50 is standardized into the same cabinet, larger sizes are available and will be custom built. Other flow rates are available up on request.


  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • ANPI

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