Foam Proportioning at terminals without foam pumps

Tank terminals typically require an extensive amount of foam concentrate on multiple locations as the protected areas can be very large. Al centralized foam stock with foam pumps are often used to pump foam concentrate to these multiple locations where firewater and foam concentrate are mixed.

The foam pumps require a high degree of care to maintain them in good condition. Periodic testing of these pumps is required, repairs of the foam pumps are certainly not uncommon. The testing and repairs are costly and disturb the operation of the customers maintenance department.

Pressure tank

We introduce an alternative using a stainless steel pressure tank. This tank will hold the foam concentrate stock and will be automatically pressurized when foam concentrate is needed.

This innovative solution offers the following advantages:

+ There is no electrical power and back-up needed for the foam pumps. The activation of the system requires a 24VDC output of the fire alarm panel to the solenoid of the cylinders.

+ The set-up is very simple and requires little amount of piping and equipment.

+ Foam concentrates can be highly viscous, this system can handle all types of foam concentrates.

+ Long distance foam supply piping is possible due to adjustable foam pressure up to 25 Bar.

+ Yearly maintenance, periodic testing and repairs of the foam pump system is prevented. An annual inspection is required.


The FoamTronic, electronic foam mixing devices, require a pressurized foam feed, this can be achieved using foam pumps or using the pressure tank system.

Standards (NFPA11, EN13565) allow for an excess of +30% of foam concentrate proportioning. This high tolerance is mainly driven by the inaccuracy of mechanical foam proportioners. When using this classic mechanical foam proportioner, the minimum required foam stock volume can increase up to 30%.

Druktank 2

FoamTronic is an electronic foam mixing system which very accurately mixes foam concentrate and water, based on the actual firewater demand of the system.


The widely used Foam-Tronic, electronic proportioning system, offers the highest accuracy in foam-mixing technology. As a result the required foam stock can be reduced to exactly what is needed to cover the fire scenarios.

FoamTronic allows system performance to be regularly tested without mixing foam and water, thus avoiding environmental concerns and depletion of valuable foam stocks.

  • Product group Foam proportioner
  • Material Stainless steel

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