LBC Cepsa start transitie naar fluorvrij schuimconcentraat en verbetert koelinstallaties 8

LBC Cepsa starts transition to fluorine-free foam concentrate and improves cooling installation

LBC Cepsa is specialized in storage and handling of chemicals. Safety and sustainability are always a priority. The tank terminal located on the Scheldelaan has two tank parks, a Jetty and loading stations for trucks and train wagons. In addition, there are pipeline connections with surrounding production companies on the site. Also, there is still space available for expansion of the terminal.

Source video: LBC Tank Terminals

Improving cooling installation

A study was recently completed in which, based on heat radiation calculations, the existing extinguishing system could be further improved. In such studies, various fire scenarios are examined and checked which installations or structures can be loaded with a heat radiation of more than 10 kW/m. Advised is (The Antwerp Fire Service Tank Terminal Directive) to provide installations that can be loaded with more than 10 W/m² with a cooling installation. Based on this study, the decicion was made to provide the pipeline bridges in and around the tank terminal with a cooling installation. One of the largest scenarios involves extinguishing a storage tank and cooling many storage tanks and the entire pipeline bridge. This scenario consumes approximately 37,000 lpm and can last for four hours.

Somati Systems engineered and built this installation. Keeping the existing installation in service has been taken into account as much as possible so LBC Cepsa could continue its activities.

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