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Low pressure watermistsystem

Low pressure watermistsystem

Low-pressure water mist systems are the suitable solution if you are looking for a reliable extinguishing system with low water consumption that is also space-saving and budget-friendly. It is the perfect happy medium between a high-pressure water mist system and a sprinkler system. Water consumption with a low-pressure water mist system is no less than 20% lower than with a sprinkler system.

The system

How does a low pressure watermistsystem work

The low-pressure water mist system works approximately on the same principle as a high-pressure water mist system, but enjoys the price advantage of a sprinkler. The low-pressure water mist system has nozzles that operate under a pressure of 2 to 12 bar. This pressure creates water droplets of different sizes. The large water droplets penetrate to the core of the fire, while the smaller water droplets cool the fire and displace the oxygen until the fire is extinguished.

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Advantages of a low pressure watermistsystem

  • Water consumption is approximately 20% lower than with a conventional sprinkler;
  • Limited water damage after fire;
  • Low required connected power for pumps;
  • Sprinkler components applicable due to low pressure;
  • Price advantage of sprinkler systems;
  • OH nozzles can be supplied in any RAL color
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When to choose a low pressure watermistsystem

  • Buildings, risk class LH, OH 1, 2 and 3;
  • Parking garages;
  • Cultural heritage;
  • Tunnels
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Is this the system you need?
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